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Aerospace Valves | Industrial Valves

Controlling high pressure and high temperatures, Meggitt valves reliably function in extreme conditions. They increase engine efficiency, save energy and minimise emissions. Our state-of-the-art control systems set high standards for safety and reliability.

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Aero engines, gas turbines and fluid systems need precise control mechanisms.

We have decades of experience in designing and developing technologies for aircraft, power generation and mechanical drive applications. We provide a full range of aerospace valves and industrial controls.

Whittaker Controls motor actuated valve from Meggitt
Our aerospace valves combine the pedigree of design and development capabilities and product portfolios of facilities formerly known as Whittaker Controls and Dunlop Equipment.

Whittaker Controls anti-icing valves by Meggitt
Our anti-icing valves are suitable for de-icing engine intake nacelles, wings and other airframe structures.

These valves are designed for sustained high temperature operation and can be configured in normally open or shut variants. On/off control is achieved via a simple solenoid pilot valve, maximising reliability with minimum costs.

Whittaker Controls ball valves by Meggitt
When high reliability and contamination tolerance is required, our ball or butterfly valves are the proven choice.

Available in materials including aluminium, titanium or nickel alloys. Integral position and feedback sensors along with programmable controllers are available. We have designs from 1” to 6” inches with temperature capability of -54 to 600°C.

Whittaker Controls compressor handling bleed valves by Meggitt
Our solenoid-actuated servo bleed valves are used to control air flow and pressure in the compressor stages of gas turbine engines, helping to prevent the onset of hazardous engine surge conditions.

Operating within proven design rules, Meggitt’s bleed valves have demonstrated extreme reliability in harsh environments.

Whittaker Controls control valves by Meggitt
Our range of control valves to control temperature and pressure. This enables the safe and reliable use of engine or auxiliary power unit bleed air to control the environment within the cabin, cockpit or stowage compartments.

From simple non-return valves to highly efficient electro-mechanical regulators, Meggitt can meet the needs of the modern aircraft system.

Whittaker Controls sleeve and poppet valves by Meggitt
These valves are available in from ½ inch to 10” with pneumatic actuation, commanded by integral or separate servo valve along with positional feedback sensors or switches as the customer application demands.

Manufactured from steel, aluminium, titanium and nickel based alloys with operating temperatures from -54 to 600°C. Shut off or pressure regulating designs.

Whittaker Controls pressure reducing valves by Meggitt
Trusted by many of the world’s major airframe and engine manufacturers. We have a long heritage in the design and of pneumatic pressure reducing or regulating valves. They are designed to operate in harsh, high temperature environments.

Whittaker Controls solenoid valves by Meggitt
Designed for a variety of applications including the control of engine bleed valves, Meggitt’s solenoid valves are cost-effective and offer very high levels of reliability.

These valves are used on many engine platforms in service and have accumulated more than 300 million fleet hours.

They are designed within strict guidelines to operate in harsh environments including long term operation at elevated temperatures.

They can be configured as normally open or closed. Where multiple solenoid valves are required as part of a system they can be mounted on a single manifold.

Whittaker Controls valves by Meggitt
Other valve types in our product portfolio include:

  • flow modulating control valves
  • temperature control/mixing valves
  • switching or shuttle valves
  • rotary-vane-type valves
  • temperatures up to 600°C
  • designed for harsh environments
  • harsh vibration levels
  • contaminated airflow
  • optimised for weight and reliability
  • multiple installation options

Retimet air oil separator from Meggitt
To remove oil particles from discharge air, we provide a wide range of air/oil separators. This helps operators to comply with the increasing regulations concerning the discharge of atmospheric pollutants.

Retimet® is a unique material developed by Meggitt featuring three-dimensional metal foam structures. They exhibit excellent properties when used as the key element in centrifugal fluid/particle separators.

Retimet® air/oil separators are now recognised by many major jet engine manufacturers as offering the most reliable and cost-effective solution towards reducing oil consumption.

A custom design and development service is available allowing both flow performance and space envelope requirements to be concurrently met.

Industrial Controls

For fuel metering and pneumatic shut-off and purging, we specialise in controls for land based gas turbine engines.

Our valves are fitted on all types of industrial gas turbines for both power generation and oil & gas.

Originally known as Whittaker Controls, we pioneered state-of-the-art, all-electric technologies for power generation and mechanical drive applications. Now with the acquisition of Precision Engine Controls, the Meggitt industrial portfolio includes:

  • A wide range of fuel control, bleed air, and purge valves
  • Fuel metering skids and systems
  • High speed fuel shutoff valves
  • Actuators for guide and stator vane control
  • Motor controls & electronics

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Key customers

Our valves are fitted on virtually every aircraft flying, civil and military.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a valve or control system that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.