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Composites for Aero Engines

From the F135 to the LEAP engines, we enable customers to meet and exceed the most significant engine requirements in industry. We specialise in composite components for engines, offering more advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and processes than competing businesses in the industry. Our engine components are found on several major high-rate commercial and military platforms in the world.

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Parker Meggitt can provide a composite solution that meets your specific requirements.

We understand the demand for extreme performance, especially in high-spec military and commercial aircraft engines.

Our components include flight-critical rotating and non-rotating products including: spinners, vanes, ducts, stators, blade spacers, liners and exhaust flaps. They are in-service on the world’€™s most progressive aero-engines, such as the P&W F135 jet engine, which uses 100 Parker Meggitt composite components on every shipset.

The GE90 engine’s flow path spacer is one of the world’s first rotating load-bearing composite parts. A triumph in design analysis, engineering, tooling, processing and testing, it’s now half the weight and cost of the original titanium unit.

JSF engine composites

Our complex, close moulded components for the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine supporting the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.

These parts are complex in shape and design, utilising high temperature materials in extreme, tight tolerance environments, enabling extraordinary flight performance.

We supply several configurations of IGVs and OGVs for military and commercial applications. Features of our components that set us apart include:

  • Mid temperature materials
  • Co-moulded to titanium, or bonded to composite
  • Complex, tight tolerance airfoil design
  • Close moulded, near net shape

We are engaged in the design, development, certification and manufacture of variable bleed valves for engines found on commercial transport aircraft. Our legacy of creating robust and repeatable processes utilises advanced tool designs and state of the art manufacturing techniques, providing for our customers the ideal production solution required to build geometrically challenging parts.

Made in San Diego (CA), Erlanger (KY) and Saltillo (Mexico).

Key customers

We provide composite components to the industries top four aircraft engine manufacturers: Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, SAFRAN and GE Aviation.

For aero-engines, we are qualified for the majority of platforms including: CF34-8/10, CF6-80, CFM56-5/7, F110, F135, F404, F414, GE90-115, GE9x, GEnx-1B, GEnx-2B, GP7200, HTF7xxx, LEAP-1A, LEAP-1B, LEAP-1C, PW1100, PW1200, PW1400, PW1500, PW1700, PW1900, PW4000, T700 and TFE731.

At Parker Meggitt, we can provide you with a robust and repeatable composite manufacturing process that meets the industries ever growing quality and delivery requirements. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.