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Energy Storage for Aerospace and Defence

More electric aircraft demand more power storage. To solve this challenge, you can either increase the number of batteries or use a different battery chemistry with superior power management...

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We can provide an energy storage solution that meets your specific requirements. Enquire Now.

Our latest System Lithium technology can save up to 50 Kg for a large business jet. They are interchangeable with existing NiCAD batteries.

The experts at Securaplane have been pioneering lithium chemistry in aerospace for over a decade.

We can provide a System Lithium battery or a conventional lead acid battery.

For aircraft energy storage, we can provide two types of batteries (main ship and emergency) and two types of technology (lead acid and lithium). More details below:

For main ship applications

Up to 50% lighter than similarly rated NiCad or lead acid systems.

Securaplane’s lithium-ion solution directly addresses the customer demand for longer range, lighter weight aircraft with more capacity.

We have been pioneering lithium chemistry in aerospace for over a decade. Reliability and maintenance is a function of the design.

This technology is already used on military aircraft, and has been selected by a business jet manufacturer and a helicopter manufacturer because of its optimal combination of safety and power in a low-weight package.

Securaplane/Hawker Lead Acid battery

For main ship and emergency applications

High performance, low maintenance, and long life.

Technology that beats NiCad, lead-calcium and lead antimony in every category of performance, saving operators thousands of dollars annually.

Thanks to our superior performance, Securaplane main ship batteries routinely displace other OEM installed batteries, even before they have reached end of life.

Key customers

Over 12,000 emergency batteries are in service on various aircraft platforms.

We work closely with all the major commercial and business jet manufacturers.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with an energy storage solution that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.