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Position and Inertial Sensors

To operate equipment accurately and safely you need a precise understanding of movement and orientation. Whether it's an (aircraft fly-by-wire) flight control, a missile guidance system or a train control system, we enable the high performance of these critical systems.

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Sensors for a world of movement

Our sensors provide accurate and reliable motion feedback under extreme environmental conditions.

On land, sea and air, we have decades of experience in designing and developing position sensors (LVDTs), load sensors and inertial measurement units (IMUs).

See our range of rugged, lightweight and compact units below.

Linearity | Reliability | Stability

Our new generation of inertial sensors feature a micro-machined silicium cell, also known as MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems).

The over-damped element at the heart of the sensor ensures accurate and reliable readings – even when close to vibrating engines, moving mechanics and shaking equipment.

Our range of Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and Attitude Measurement Systems (AMS) incorporates the latest MEMS sensor technology ensuring their high-reliability performance in severe environments.

They are ideal for use in

  • flight controls
  • automatic train operation | protection | control (ATO|ATP|ATC)
  • odometry
  • telemetry
  • turret stabilisation
  • onboard flight testing
  • UAVs, ROVs

Our MEMS-based accelerometers match the performance of servo-based systems at an optimised cost. They are installed when continuous and accurate acceleration measurement is required.

They are ideal for use in

  • flight controls
  • active damping – load alleviation
  • automatic train operation | protection | control (ATO|ATP|ATC)
  • civil engineering infrastructure monitoring
  • offshore platforms

A servo-inclinometer is an accelerometer that uses the earth’s gravity field (±1g) as the primary measurement reference point.

They are ideal for use in

  • rail grinding and maintenance
  • LNG ship: trim and list control
  • turret stabilisation
  • infrastructure, tunnel boring and drilling machines
  • offshore platforms
  • antenna levelling

Accurate positioning and targeting

These sensors provide linear and rotary position feedback for control and monitoring of airborne servo-controlled systems.

They are ideal for use in

  • flight control systems
  • cockpit controls (throttle, flaps and slats, brake pedals…)
  • engine controls (nozzle, thrust reverser doors…)
  • aerospace actuation

New development – a smart digital LVDT and force sensor for all-electric flight control systems.

Please visit our specialist site for more details on our RVDT sensors.

To see the full range of inertial and position sensors, please visit our specialist site www.meggittsensorex.fr.