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Aircraft Cameras

From the leaders in airborne video imaging. The first external camera system was developed by Securaplane to enhance an aircraft security system and our cameras are now in service on business jets and large commercial aircraft worldwide.

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The use of video technology continues to grow on commercial and business jet aircraft for a variety of interior and exterior applications including: ground manoeuvring during taxi, in-flight entertainment, military aircraft refueling, observation of aircraft control surfaces, cabin surveillance and external security.

Some of our cameras are described below.

Our CMXHD series cameras are fully qualified lightweight and aerodynamic units designed for installation on the vertical fin or belly fuselage.

They can withstand the full range of environmental conditions expected during aircraft use and provide exceptional imaging performance.

Camera windows are high-impact and scratch/chip resistant sapphire and equipped with transparent thin-film heaters to keep the image

Our ground manoeuvring camera system (GMCS) was developed for large air transport aircraft, and is standard equipment aboard all Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

It provides pilots with real-time views of the landing gear, ground conditions and proximity to the pavement edge during taxi manoeuvres using cameras mounted behind the nose gear and in both leading edges of the horizontal stabilizer.

The images appear on a three-way, split screen, flight deck video display. The basic system is comprised of three cameras and a taxi camera interface unit (TCIU). GMCS cameras operate in light levels ranging from bright sun and snow to full moon, night-flight conditions.

Our advanced cockpit door surveillance system (CDSS) enables crew to see who wants to enter the cockpit, regardless of cabin conditions. Securaplane pioneered the use of cockpit surveillance systems with Delta Airlines.

The basic system consists of three cameras feeding a central processing unit. In turn this feeds video to cockpit displays or monitors. Additional cameras may be installed and one controller can process up to six different cameras around the cabin.

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