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Military Aircraft

We recognise the critical importance of complete reliability and availability – always knowing you can rely on the highest standards when it comes to systems and equipment for military aircraft. That is the level of confidence you can have with Meggitt.

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Our advanced solutions are proven in service – used on numerous military fixed wing programmes including the F-35 JSF, EF2000, Rafale fighter and the A400M. We have equipment on an installed base of around 22,000 fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

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Our expertise in this area provides many benefits. These range from making composite parts that no-one else can, to delivering performance of Advanced Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESAs), and from providing electronics that can resist extreme levels of pressure, shock and vibration to enabling high levels of availability.

Our products for military aircraft include a wide range of components and systems. You can also have the flexible solution you need from Meggitt facilities, whether that is large volume production or tailor-made manufacturing.

We are used to working with the requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). A number of our facilities work on US Government contracts and understand the requirements for FARS/DFARS flow downs.