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Fuel Systems for Aerospace

One supplier for all your fuel system needs. Parker Meggitt has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing fuel system components for aircraft and helicopters, civil and military. By combining our extensive product range, we can provide you with a fully integrated system.

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A range of fuel systems for civil and military aerospace:

  • auxiliary fuel systems
  • rotorcraft fuel systems
  • fixed wing fuel systems

We integrate the following components into a complete system which we design, develop, test and certify:

  • composite containment
  • flexible fuel bladders
  • fuel gauging and management
  • fuel transfer control valves
  • pressure refuelling components and interfaces

Systems compliant with FAR 14 CFR 27/29.252; AC 27-1B; AC 29-2C ; Mil-DTL-27422 and FAA-TSOC80

30 years ago, we launched our long-life, lightweight bladder fuel cells based on polyurethane technology. Maintenance-free, with inner liners that do not dry out and become fatally brittle when empty for extended periods, these fuel tanks are flexible and withstand the stresses and strains of take-off and landing. Some of these are still in-service today.

To date we’ve supplied 200,000+ to a wide range of military and civil aircraft. We remain the only manufacturer to have perfected this technology, setting a standard of longevity in the late 1970s that has not been approached – never mind beaten.

Approvals: MIL-DTL-6396/TSO C80.

Self-sealing fuel bladder

Flying home safely on a shot tank

Our ballistically-resistant fuel bladders will self-seal in less than two minutes. The wound is sealed using our proprietary treatment which stops fuel leakage almost immediately. This technology provides protection for a wide range of threats, up to 23mm HEI (High Explosive Incendiary).

Approvals include:

  • MIL-DTL-6396
  • MIL-DTL-5578
  • MIL-DTL-27422

Almost zero

Before our crashworthy fuel tanks, over 42% of survivable helicopter crashes in the US resulted in deaths from fuel fires.

Today, Parker Meggitt’s crash-resistant, self-sealing fuel tanks have stopped fuel spillage and reduced fire-related death and injury in such crashes to almost zero – that’s one recorded death from a post-crash impact fire since the early 1970s.

Approvals: MIL DTL 27422.

Fuel containment

By enhancing our aerospace technologies we have developed fuel bladders for military vehicles that can withstand mine blast without any atomisation of fuel that would otherwise result in a fire. Our self-sealing unit provides protection for a wide range of threats, up to 30mm AP (Armour Piercing)

For the ‘Next Gen’ Ground Combat Vehicles we are currently developing and testing survivable fuel systems to include self-sealing; mine blast-resistance and passive fire suppression.

Complete turn-key solutions

  • installs and removes easily with quick connect/disconnect hoses
  • typically floor-rail mounted
  • typically one-way fuel conveyance to aircraft’s main fuel supply
  • gravity or Pressurised
  • typically crash-resistant to commercial or military standards
  • self-sealing capability to military standards

Our sensor experts design a range of products:

  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) fluid sensor
  • capacitance sensors
  • float switches

Our valve experts design a range of products to control the fuel transfer:

  • fuel flow and vent valves
  • break away valves
  • boost and jet pumps
  • refuelling couplings

Key customers

Almost every US fighter, bomber, tanker and transport aircraft uses our long-life fuel tanks.

Our crash-resistant fuel tanks are on the main and auxiliary systems of virtually all US military helicopters and we have a growing European presence.

At Parker Meggitt, we can provide you with a fuel system that is specifically designed for your application.

To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.