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Military Helicopters

We want to enable defence forces to achieve maximum performance on their helicopters, while also bringing home the personnel who operate them safely.

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We make it our mission to provide critical components and sub-systems needed for helicopters to perform to exacting requirements – even in the most extreme conditions. You can increase aircraft availability, extend component life and minimise downtime with Meggitt solutions.

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From critical flight data to power and motion control, from proven wheels and brakes systems to thermal management, our helicopter solutions offer a solid level of reassurance in the most fluid and challenging situations. For example:

Helicopter HUMS

Our health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) provide valuable information about the airframe, engine and other helicopter systems and help to improve flight safety. In fact, Meggitt systems enable you to measure virtually every parameter: acceleration, speed, pressure, force, temperature, distance, position, vibration and level, performing in almost unimaginable extremes of heat and vibration.

Fuel bladders

Today, out in the field, our advances save lives too. 42% of survivable helicopter crashes used to result in death from fuel fires. Now, our crash-resistant fuel tanks reduce fire-related deaths to almost zero. That is why we are the leading supplier of fuel tanks to the US military. We have also created the world’s most accurate and reliable fire detection and protection systems.