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Fluid Sensors for Aerospace

Pilots need to know how much fuel they have available. Maintenance engineers need to know the condition of the fluid. Design engineers need a system to provide accurate and reliable data. Our unique fluid sensors answer these questions.

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Thousands of sensors fitted to fuel, hydraulic and oil systems on aircraft, helicopters and engines (civil and military) worldwide.

Decades of in-service experience with float/reed switches, capacitance probes and our state-of-the- art Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) system.

Our systems typically incorporate fluid level sensors, signal conditioners, display units, and specialised controller devices.

Time Domain Reflectometry system – see how it works…

In service with over 10,000 sensors on a range of aircraft platforms.

Parker Meggitt’s breakthrough Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) system utilises high-speed electronics and RF-based technology to accurately measure fluid levels and is compatible with all fluid types.

Reduce maintenance burden

The TDR-based system enables predictive maintenance by detecting and measuring the amount of water present in the fluid.

The advanced digital built-in-test and self-diagnosis features can quickly identify the location of any faulty cable or sensor. This reduces the cost of maintenance and support associated with troubleshooting and replacing failed probes, which is particularly important in a fluid system that might employ as many as 50 discrete sensors.

Meggitt Fluid sensor

These are used to calculate the amount of fuel available.

As the fluid level changes, the capacitance between the two metal tubes varies and sends a signal to the signal conditioner. A complete system may consist of a number of individual probes or a number of probes connected in series. The data is processed by the signal conditioner to calculate the available fuel.

Ideal for engine lube applications

These sensors provide discrete output voltages based upon pre- determined oil levels.

Our float/reed switch can tolerate temperatures up to 232°C/450°F making them ideal for installation in the engine lubrication system.

To see the range of sensing and monitoring solutions, please visit our specialist site meggittsensing.com.

Key customers

Over 10,000 TDR probes are currently flying. The technology has been selected for general aviation aircraft, helicopter fuel and gearbox systems, as well as a large civil aircraft hydraulic system.

Our fluid level sensors are trusted by aerospace OEMs around the world including Bell, Beechcraft, Boeing, Cessna, CFMI, GE, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky and Rolls Royce.

They are widely used on gas turbine engines and various fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft gearboxes.