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Power Distribution for Aerospace

More electric aircraft demand more power and more sophisticated electronics. From power generation to power conversion, distribution and energy storage we can provide a solution. Our strength is producing a high level of power density - reliably and efficiently.

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Since 1948, we have specialised in motors, power electronics and sensors for extreme environments.

From power converters and fully integrated servo systems to electromechanical actuators and position sensors, Our engineers specialise in finding innovative solutions for your electrical power network.

We provide power solutions for electro-thermal ice protection control.

From the electrical system architecture down to the detailed definition of the ice protection controller, our electrical experts are here to help you.

Power management redundant architectures and independent control/monitoring, can be provided, to comply with critical safety requirements.

Using our combine our electronics and composites expertise, we can design complex structures with embedded resistive heater elements and electronic control and protection equipment.

Provides protection, logic controls and monitoring of the power generating system components

In dual generation mode (2 alternators), it re-configures automatically when one alternator is failed. This means you can transfer power to the other box to guarantee flight safety.

For more information, please visit our specialist site, www.meggittpower.com.

Key customers

We work closely with all the major helicopter OEMs including: Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo and NH Industries.

At Parker Meggitt, we can provide you with an electric power solution that is specifically designed and tuned for your application. For more information, please contact us.