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Heat Exchangers for Aerospace

For over 100 years Meggitt has designed and manufactured heat exchangers and mobile combustion heating units for aerospace, defence, transportation and energy applications. We pioneered the development of vacuum brazing techniques for heat exchangers and our engineering experts are researching the next generation of aerospace thermal management solutions.

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In-house design and manufacturing customised for each application. Enquire Now.

We are one of the largest designer and manufacturers of heat exchangers for the aerospace engine market, alongside our significant presence within the general aviation market.

Our solutions manage and change temperature, control and regulate the flow of system fluids to deliver the system performance required.

Our heat exchangers combine the design, development capabilities and product portfolios of facilities formerly known as Stewart Warner South Wind Corporation (www.stewart-warner.com) and Serck Aviation (www.serck-aviation.com).

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Best performance and lowest cost of ownership for bespoke applications.

Mechanical-bonded interfaces allow complete freedom of movement during thermal expansion – unlike brazed units where stress fractures can occur.

Its innovative design means that single tubes can be easily replaced during overhaul periods, minimising costs to operators.

50 million Serck Aviation bonded interfaces in the field have never failed.

(Aluminium, Stainless steel and Inconel)

Compact designs, long life

Our brazing process produces joints of extremely high integrity, ensuring operational life is not reduced by corrosion.

Due to the removal of redundant channels required in some vacuum-brazed units, the overall unit size can be reduced too.

(Aluminium, Stainless steel)

Complete oil cooling system for helicopter applications.

Combines our plate and fin heat exchangers with a Meggitt manufactured fan.

Tubular or plate and fin coolers.

Our brazed air-to-air coolers are uniquely designed to optimise the design and ensure a high operational life.

Key customers

Our heat exchangers are used on commercial and military aircraft and aero-engines, including LEAP, PurePower family, GEnx, F135 and Trent family, as well as airframes such as the A380 and ATR72.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with a heat exchanger that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.