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Power converters for Aerospace

More electric aircraft demand more power and more sophisticated electronics. Our converters deliver safe and reliable DC electrical power to the aircraft network. We provide leading edge technology delivered on time every time.

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Over the last 30+ years we have become known as THE experts in electronics design and manufacturing for aerospace applications.

From power converters and fully integrated servo systems to electromechanical actuators and position sensors, our engineers specialise in finding innovative solutions for your electrical power network.

Our wide range of power converters include:

Provide high quality DC and AC electrical power for aerospace networks.

They can include simple or complex embedded monitoring, allowing operators to manage external components or equipment.

Embedded fans remove the need for a blown air circuit on the aircraft, simplifying the system and reducing maintenance costs.

Our hardware and software is fully certified to DO178/254 (up to DAL B)

AC Conversion between standard and non-standard aircraft bus voltages and frequencies with low harmonic distortion (270VDC, 28VDC, 28-36VAC, 115VAC, 400Hz, 50/60Hz)

Convert main electrical aircraft network (115 VAC, 3 phase) into the secondary electrical network (28 VDC).

They supply a 100 A operating current (free convection) and a 200 A operating current (air extraction flow = 24 g/s). Other functions include:

  • Unregulated configuration – without fan – for exceptional reliability
  • High level of protection and measurements
  • Very low output ripples voltage

Provide safe and reliable DC power.

Convert main electrical aircraft network (115 VAC, 3 phase) into the secondary electrical network (28 VDC).

Used throughout the aircraft, for example:

  • Provide 18 V and 5 V outputs to control panel subassemblies
  • Supply secondary power to the electrical flight control rack mother board which then delivers power to the CPU, analogue or actuator boards

The Boeing 787 main ship lithium battery uses a Parker Meggitt battery charger because it significantly reduces maintenance while eliminating the guesswork identifying and solving battery and charger problems. The Securaplane battery chargers can be used with a range of chemistries including NiCad, lead-acid and lithium. They include advanced DC to DC conversion technology, patented charging algorithms and comprehensive diagnostics and fault isolation.

Reduce battery maintenance

Patented charging algorithms ensure that the battery receives the optimum charge for all temperature conditions and all states of charge. Conventional chargers typically gauge charge time solely on cell voltage, leading to over- or under-charging the battery, resulting in water loss and increased maintenance. Only Securaplane has been able to detect inflection points accurately to reduce overcharge conditions.

Diagnose battery faults

The Parker Meggitt battery chargers include the following features: store, time and date of every fault, check charger microprocessor status, and provide readouts to the integrated eight-character alphanumeric display.

BC-1300 series battery charger

Lithium battery charger unit

Our power converters may be modified to meet the needs of your specification. For more information, please contact us.

Key customers

For power electronics, we are a Tier 1 supplier to Airbus. We specialise in offering leading edge technology and customised designs to companies of all sizes. Our customers include Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Dassault Aviation, Embraer, Safran, Sirio Panel, Thales, UTC Aerospace Systems and Zodiac Aerospace.

Our systems are fitted on aircraft programmes including: A320, A330/340, A380, ATR family, B777, B787, Bombardier Cseries, COMAC C919, Sukhoi Super Jet100 and more…

These power converters are custom designed to meet the needs of each specification. For more information, please contact us.