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Dynamic Pressure Sensors

Dynamic pressure sensors measure combustion instability in gas turbine combustion chambers. They can detect impending compressor surge or stall and monitor the combustion process. This enables operators to get more power using less gas, and to control emissions.

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See inside your engine

Our dynamic pressure sensors can measure the pressure pulsations within the compressor, combustion chamber or jet pipe of gas turbine engines.

As well as the combustion process, they can also be used to monitor jet pipe resonance, screech or buzz.

The end result – improved efficiency

Install in high temperature environments

Our sensors operate from cryogenic temperatures up to +750°C (1382°F)…this is higher than the temperature that aluminium melts at (660°C).

They can withstand the harsh measurement environment of liquid oxygen turbo-pumps or jet engine combustion chambers.

Where are pressure transducers used?

Our dynamic pressure transducers are used in the following applications:

  • combustion optimisation in gas turbines
  • monitoring of combustion chamber rumble
  • monitoring of jet pipe screech/buzz/resonance
  • stall/surge detection or avoidance/active control
  • space launchers

Key customers

We work together with OEMs to provide customised sensors and adaptors that integrate perfectly into the combustor designs.

For the energy industries, they are helping customers to meet the COP21 emission reduction targets through turbine combustion optimisation.

Our cryogenic dynamic pressure sensors are used on a variety of space applications including the Ariane V rocket launcher. They are also used on military jet engines.

To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.