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Engine Vibration Monitoring (EVM)

EVM systems provide the data required to support condition-based maintenance and “power-by- the-hour” commercial frameworks. They can also tell the pilot or maintenance crew if the engine rotors are out of balance (a mandatory requirement for passenger-carrying jet-powered civil aircraft).

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See inside your engine

The majority of current transport aircraft rely on our engine vibration monitoring systems to monitor the condition and health of their engines.

These EVM systems also enable cold fan trim balancing based on data acquired in-flight – saving maintenance time and costs.

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Other engine monitoring systems include:

Advanced insight into engine health

EMUs provide the flight crew and maintenance staff with the most advanced picture on engine health ever achieved.

They allow operators to optimise the maintenance and engine performance, increasing engine efficiency.

The EMU collects information from multiple sensors and the engine control system to perform advanced trending, monitoring and prognostic functions.

Our latest EMU designs are in service on the A350, A380 and B787 with outstanding MTBF performance.

Engine Interface and Control Unit
The EICU provides an interface between the engine and the aircraft and is a key part of the engine condition-monitoring system.

It monitors and manages the power and communication of the engine-mounted equipment such as the EMU, EEC and FADEC, as well as sending control signals to the engine ignition, thrust reverser and other functions.

Applications include: C919, ARJ21 and A380

Engine vibration monitoring
Our EIVMU combines two units into one line replacement unit (LRU) – saving space and weight.

  • advanced bearing failure detection algorithms support the airline’s predictive maintenance programmes
  • common hardware platform is compatible with all engine/aircraft configurations

Applications include: A330/340 family

To increase passenger comfort and improve durability, we have developed a propeller-balancing system. It is based on our latest AGILE new modular electronic processing unit.

The propeller-balancing system is comprised of:

  • one vibration monitoring computation unit (VMCU)
  • one single axis accelerometer per propeller
  • one GSS software running on standard PC
We offer a vast know-how from analogue pre-processing electronics through to state-of-the art digital signal processing and diagnostics software.

We design and manufacture the total system (vibration accelerometers, hardware and software) thus ensuring the best performance and reliability throughout the overall measurement chain.

Key customers

Our 60+ years of sensor and system expertise means our solutions are trusted by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. We work hand in hand with the engine OEMs to tailor cost-effective solutions to each application.

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