Fighting for freedom

Fighting for freedom Dunlop Equipment supplies the gun-firing system for Spitfire and Hurricane fighter aircraft in WW2. One fitted to a Spitfire dug up from an Irish peat bog in 2011 was still able to fire the aircraft’s Browning machine-gun 70 years after the plane had crash landed.


Now Meggitt Avionics


Touch down for Concorde

Dunlop produces carbon brakes for Concorde, saving some 500kg in weight compared to steel brakes and lasting much longer in service. Bestobell, bought by Meggitt in 1986, had around 3,000 components onboard the supersonic jet.


Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems is now part of Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems.


World-beating composites

EDAC manufactures one of the world’s first rotating load-bearing composite parts for a jet engine. The flow path spacer improves efficiency on the world’s most powerful turbofan engine. A triumph in design analysis, engineering, tooling, processing and testing, it’s now half the weight and cost of the original titanium unit.


EDAC is now part of Meggitt Polymers & Composites.


Signed up for Mars

New integrated electronic piezoelectric accelerometer (IEPE) is commissioned for NASA’s Space Launch System—the most powerful rocket in history that aims to put humans on Mars. It measures vibration caused by combustion instability inside the rocket’s liquid oxygen tanks. Pogo oscillation, as this kind of vibration is known, troubled both Apollo 6 and 13 and in extreme cases can rupture a rocket’s structure.