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Sealing solutions

Aircraft seals are highly complex and subject to stringent safety and design criteria. Our engineering expertise has been used to create over 10,000 designs. Over 7000 of these are in series production.

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We seal essential spaces, such as landing gear, wings, engines, nacelles, windows and doors. Our products are highly flexible, yet rigid enough to maintain structural integrity.

We separate essential spaces. Our products stop fire spreading between engine zones, ensure bleed air does not bleed and hydraulics do not leak. This minimises component contamination and optimises system performance.

What are the challenges with aircraft seal design?

Airlines are constantly striving to improve noise and fuel efficiency.

Any gaps on the aircraft change the air flow from laminar to turbulent, creating noise and drag and requiring more fuel to propel the aircraft through the air.

Our seals are designed to minimise both.

Meggitt polymer seal

Our aerodynamic seal designs reduce parasitic drag, optimising performance at cruise condition and avoiding clashes with moving parts.

We seal:

  • doors, cockpits and rotor bellows
  • flap track fairing ailerons
  • radomes
  • rudder gap and elevators
  • slats
  • spoilers
  • windows

Some key design features include:

  • standard or low temperature silicone
  • low friction toppings to reduce wear
  • fabric or composite fibre reinforcement to maintain aerodynamic profile under pressure

Our engine seals stop fires spreading between engine zones. They have to prevent a flame from penetrating the protected compartment or section for 15 minutes – or be fire-resistant (five minutes).

The seals also have to self-extinguish if they catch alight themselves.

We seal the following engine areas:

  • air-cooled oil cooler
  • breather mast/drains mast
  • exhaust nozzles
  • fan case torque box
  • fan/inlet cowl
  • thrust reverser doors
  • upper/lower bifurcation

Meggitt polymer door seal

We provide door seals for:

  • passenger entry
  • cargo
  • access
  • landing gear

The design of an aircraft door is geometrically complex therefore door seals can be highly bespoke products. It must be completely airtight to prevent water ingress. It must also be easy to open.

Some key design features include:

  • standard or low temperature-tolerant silicone
  • low friction toppings to reduce wear
  • fabric or fibre board reinforcement to maintain aerodynamic profile under pressure
  • in a blade or a blade-and bulb configuration or inflatable seal

As more composites are used in aircraft design extra care has to be taken with the loads that are placed on them – if the loads are too high, the composite panels are in danger of cracking.

Rubber – the primary material for seals – is a non-linear material. Unlike metal (a linear material which behaves consistently when a load is applied), rubber does not behave in an entirely predictable manner.

Our seals are designed to be flexible and strong.

These seals are made in our factories in Loughborough (UK), Oregon (USA) and Xiamen (China).

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Bestobell seals for Oil and Gas platforms

Our line of Bestobell Oilfield products are used at all levels within the industry, from clients to OEMs and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractors. We have over 75 years of experience in designing and supplying sealing solutions for extreme environments where safety and reliability cannot be compromised.

For more details, visit our specialist site, www.bestobellproducts.co.uk

Key customers

Our sealing solutions are used by all the major aerospace aircraft OEMs including: Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, GE, Gulfstream, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce and UTC.

On the Boeing 737Max, we supply about half the aerodynamic surface seals and we are on all Airbus platforms. We also provide high-end aerodynamic and fire seals for programmes including;  777X, 787, E2, A220, PW1100G and LEAP.

At Parker Meggitt, we can provide you with a sealing solution that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.