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Ground Fuelling

Meggitt is the world leader in the development, production and installation of a wide array of ground fuelling products and services that are utilised in 1000’s of airports throughout the world. They are used to refuel commercial, military and private aircraft, as well as in numerous industrial applications.

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We can provide API/EI approved refuelling system components that meet your particular operational requirements. Enquire Now.

A broad range of fluid pressure control devices and systems including: fuelling nozzles, vehicle bottom loading systems, pressure control hydrant couplers, pressure control valves, hydrant valves and under-hydrant maintenance valves and an environmental safe hydrant pit box.

Our fuel handling products are used in:

  • fuel storage facilities
  • airport fuel farms
  • airport underground hydrant fuelling systems
  • aircraft refuelling equipment
  • over-the-road transport tanker trucks

They combine the capabilities of two companies – formerly known as Avery-Hardoll and Whittaker Controls.

  • Designed for quick and easy maintenance
  • All our nozzles are designed and independently tested to SAE specification AS5877.
  • Each nozzle will be equipped with a hose swivel assembly that connects the nozzle to the fuelling hose.
  • Available with 3 or 6 slot connector, which mates to the standard 3-lug international aircraft adapter.
  • 40, 60 and 100 mesh strainers also available.

Underwing nozzles

Title Description Date Download
F116 Pressure fuelling nozzles 4/5/2011  
F117 Pressure refuelling nozzles 4/5/2011  
F145 Pressure refuelling nozzles 5/30/2013  
F582, F584, F596, F597 Swivel disconnect 4/5/2011  
F595 Hose end control valves 4/5/2011  
HU3000 HU3000 series with Hk6 surge controller 4/5/2011  
HU4000 HU4000 series hose end pressure refuelling coupling 4/5/2011  
F430345 F430345 Vacuum Breaker 1/12/2017  
F430355, F430375 F430355 & F430375 Dry Break Quick Disconnect 1/12/2017  

Accurate pressure control and excellent stability at all flow rates.

For primary and secondary pressure control systems, a wide range of control valves and couplings:

4” Pressure Control Couplers

  • EI 1584 4 th edition approved
  • use regulated reference air pressure and remote fuel sense pressure

3, 4 & 6” Vehicle Inline Control Valves

  • valve design option – diaphragm or piston
  • air operated or spring-set operation
  • working pressures to 200 psi

Rate-of-Flow Limiter Pilot Valve

For use in those fuelling systems requiring a “topping” rate control to override the primary pressure control.

All aluminuim valves use materials to provide maximum corrosion resistance.

Aviation adaptors

Title Description Date Download
F417 F418 F419 F421 F426 F444 F445 aviation adaptors International standard flange adapters 4/5/2011  
FCMY 107M5L FCMY 107M5H FCMY 122M2 aviation tank units 2.5 inch aviation tank units 4/5/2011  

Bottom loading

Title Description Date Download
F214 3 inch bottom loading coupler Bottom loading coupler 4/5/2011  
F228 4 inch bottom loading coupler Bottom loading coupler 4/5/2011  
F412 F433 api adaptors API adaptors 4/5/2011  
F414 F429 api adaptors API adaptors 4/5/2011  
F602 F610 F619 float pilot valves Float pilot valves 4/5/2011  
F613 jet level sensor Jet level sensor overfill protection F613 4/19/2017  
F614 F620 internal valves Internal valves F614 four-inch valve, F620 six-inch valve 4/5/2011  
F628 4 inch swivel Low pressure 4-inch swivels 4/5/2011  
F635 internal valve 4.5-inch internal valve 10/18/2019  
F646 vent valves Vent valves 4/5/2011  

Control valves

Title Description Date Download
CCMY 8600M2 Four inch inline pressure controller with deadman 4/5/2011  
F351, F370, F376 Three, four, and six inch air set pressure control valves 4/5/2011  
F354, F355, F387, F390 Air set and spring set by-pass regulators 4/5/2011  
F375, F377, F378 Spring set demand control valve 4/5/2011  
F383, F384, F386, F393 Three and four inch line mounted shut off valve 4/5/2011  
F388, F389, F392 Three, four, and six inch line mounted deadman valves 4/5/2011  
F540-1, F540-2, F559 Three and six inch rate-of-flow limiter pilot valve
Emergency overwing fuelling spout
Inline preset valves In-line preset valves 2.5, 3 and 4-inch 4/5/2011  

Industrial couplings

Title Description Date Download
CCMY 4500, CCMY 4501 Tank unit, flanged and North Sea versions 4/5/2011  
CCMY 324, CCMY 4SP1 Dust cap of hose and tank units 4/5/2011  
CCMY 1400 Locking cap for tank unit 4/5/2011  
CCMY 6150N, CCMY 6151N Tank unit, flanged or threaded versions 4/5/2011  
CCMY 6153N, NH 1.5 inch self sealing industrial coupling hose unit 4/5/2011  
CCMY 6251N Tank unit threaded version 4/5/2011  
CCMY 6253N 2.5 inch self sealing industrial coupling hose unit 4/5/2011  
CCMY 6350N Tank unit flanged version 4/5/2011  
CCMY 6351N Tank unit threaded version 4/5/2011  
CCMY 6353N Three inch self seal industrial coupling hose unit 4/5/2011  
CCMY 8153, CCMY 8154 1.5 and 2 inch stainless steel self sealing couplings 4/5/2011  
CCMY 8155, CCMY 324, CCMY 4 1.5 and 2 inch stainless steel self sealing couplings 4/5/2011  
CCMY 8251, CCMY 8252 2.5 and 3 inch BSP tank unit threaded versions 4/5/2011  
CCMY 8253, CCMY 8254 2.5 and 3 inch stainless steel self-seal couplings 4/5/2011  

Hydrant couplers

Title Description Date Download
CCMY8500M2 Four-inch A.P.I. coupler 4/5/2011  
CCMY8500M3 Four-inch A.P.I. coupler 9/8/2020
F211 2.5 inch bayonet flange connection 4/5/2011  
F239 Pressure control coupler 4/5/2011  
F250 Four-inch API 4/5/2011  
CCMY8350 Intake coupler trolley 4/5/2011  


Title Description Date Download
F505 F517 F527 F586 Venturis Aviation equipment aicraft adaptors and caps 3/16/2006  

Hydrant pit valves

  • EI 1584 4th edition approved
  • lanyard, air or dual pilot operation
  • low overshoot volume
  • low pressure drop
  • pressure-equalising valve for ease of coupling

Under-hydrant fire safe valves

  • fire safe compliant to API 6FA
  • choice of carbon or stainless steel bodies

Environmental safe hydrant pit boxes

Developed with an international oil company, it prevents fuel spillage escaping and contaminating surrounding areas.

Fuel sampling, vent and drain unit

  • installed in hydrant system pipelines
  • 3 functions in 1 unit
  • 6-inch ANSI class flange

Pit boxes

Title Description Date Download
GBMY 5050M2 series Environmental Pit Box 9/22/2020  

Hydrant valves

Title Description Date Download
GBMY 3806M2 1.5-inch sampling vent or drain unit 9/22/2020  
F352, F353 Hydrant shutoff valve
F352 AND F353
F368, F372, F360, F374, F380 Control type valves
Deadman only valves
F554, F571 Air/Fuel sense plug and socket 4/5/2011  
PVMY 440-1 Pneumatically actuated pilot valve (With secondary lanyard enclosure) 9/22/2020  
PVMY1000M3 Hydrant pit valves 4/5/2011  
PVMY2010M3 Hydrant pit valves 9/22/2020  
BVMY1000 Under-hydrant ball valve 5/1/2018  
UVMY1000 Under hydrant shut-off valve 9/22/2020  

Title Description Date Download
2681095 Servo Assembly 2681095 Servo Assembly 3/28/2013  
2691786 Bypass Servo Assembly 2691786 Bypass Servo Assembly 2/18/2014  
46301050 Servo Assembly 46301050 Servo Assembly 8/21/2014  
F116 Underwing Refueling Nozzle F116 Underwing Refueling Nozzle 2/19/2014  
F117 Underwing Refueling Nozzle F117 Underwing Refueling Nozzle 2/19/2014
F145 Underwing Nozzle F145 Underwing Nozzle 8/19/2014  
F211 Hydrant Coupler F211 Hydrant Coupler 2/18/2014  
F228 Bottom Loading Coupler F228 Bottom Loading Coupler 1/20/2017  
F239 Pressure Control Coupler F239 Pressure Control Coupler 8/19/2014  
F250 Hydrant Coupler F250 Hydrant Coupler 8/19/2014  
F251 Hydrant Coupler F251 Hydrant Coupler 8/19/2014  
F351, F378, F392, F394 IPL F351, F378, F392, F394 IPL 3/28/2013  
F351 Pressure Control Valve F351 Pressure Control Valve 3/28/2013  
F352, F353 Hydrant Shutoff Valve F352, F353 Hydrant Shutoff Valve 8/21/2014  
F368, F372 Air Set Pressure Control Hydrant Valve F368, F372 Air Set Pressure Control Hydrant Valve 8/21/2014  
F370 Pressure Control Valve F370 Pressure Control Valve 3/28/2013  
F376 Pressure Control Valve F376 Pressure Control Valve 10/30/2017  
F400 Quick Disconnect Adapter F400 Quick Disconnect Adapter 3/28/2013  
F426M Quick Disconnect Adapter F426M Quick Disconnect Adapter 8/21/2014  
F528, F528B – Water Slug Control Switch F528, F528B – Water Slug Control Switch 8/21/2014  
F532B Water Sump Control Valve F532B Water Sump Control Valve 2/5/2018  
F540 Flow Control Pilot Valve F540 Flow Control Pilot Valve 3/28/2013  
F543B Water Sump Control Switch F543B Water Sump Control Switch 3/28/2013  
F571 Air and Fuel Sense Socket F571 Air and Fuel Sense Socket 3/28/2013  
F576 Excess Flow Servo F576 Excess Flow Servo 8/21/2014  
F582, F584 Swivel Disconnect Maintenance Manual F582, F584 – Swivel Disconnects 10/15/2020  
F594, F595 Hose End Pressure Control Valve F594, F595 Hose End Pressure Control Valve 5/1/2016  
F599, F599B Water Slug Control Switch F599A, F599AB Water Slug Control Switch 3/28/2013  
F599A, F599AB Water Slug Control Switch F599A, F599AB Water Slug Control Switch 3/28/2013  
F614 4-Inch Internal Valve F614 4-Inch Internal Valve 8/21/2014  
F620 6-Inch Internal Valve F620 6-Inch Internal Valve 7/22/2015  
F635 4.5 Inch Internal Valve F635 Internal Valve 10/18/2019  
F646 5-Inch Vent Valve F646 5-Inch Vent Valve 8/21/2014  
F660 3-Inch Internal Valve F660 3-Inch Internal Valve 8/21/2014  
F756 Water Detection System F756 Water Detection System 3/28/2013  
FPV-1 Eliminator Valve FPV-1 Eliminator Valve 8/21/2014  
M300 – 4-inch Valve Body and Piston Assembly M300 – 4-inch Valve Body and Piston Assembly 8/21/2014  
M302 – 3-inch Valve Body and Piston Assembly M302 – 3-inch Valve Body and Piston Assembly 8/21/2014  
M600 6-Inch Valve Body and Piston Assembly M600 6-Inch Valve Body and Piston Assembly 3/28/2013  
L002 1.5 and 2 in St St couplings L002 1.5 and 2 in St St couplings 06/01/2004  
L004 2.5 and 3 in St St Couplings L004 2.5 and 3 in St St Couplings 07/01/2004  
L005 GBMY5050M2 Pit Box L005 GBMY5050M2 Pit Box 02/01/2004  
PVMY2010M3 Series Hydrant Pit Valves PVMY2010M3 Series Hydrant Pit Valves 04/01/2013  
MMPVMY1000M3 Series Hydrant Pit Valves MMPVMY1000M3 Series Hydrant Pit Valves 04/01/2013  
MMCCMY8500M3 Control Coupler MMCCMY8500M3 Control Coupler 12/05/2013  
SB81 Service Bulletin SB81 Service Bulletin 3/28/2013  
TP0004 UVMY1000 TP0004 UVMY1000 11/01/2003  
TP0006 Jet ABLE TP0006 Jet ABLE 09/01/2002  
TP0007 CCMY8500M2 TP0007 CCMY8500M2 11/01/2003  
TP0009 HU3000M2 TP0009 HU3000M2 03/01/2004  
TP0009 chap_1 Page 3 – A3 Page TP0009 chap_1 Page 3 – A3 Page 03/01/2004  
TP0014 Pre Set Valve TP0014 Pre Set Valve 03/01/1998  
TP0014 S4620-2 Version TP0014 S4620-2 Version 02/01/1995  
TP0020-4 Solenoid Preset Valves TP0020-4 Solenoid Preset Valves 11/01/2006  
TP0020 ATEX Certs TP0020 ATEX Certs 11/01/2002  
TP0020 Supplement S1 TP0020 Supplement S1 04/01/2002  
TP0029 CM5 Op Pre Set Valve TP0029 CM5 Op Pre Set Valve 12/01/2003  
TP0034 CCMY8600M2 TP0034 CCMY8600M2 03/01/2000  
TP0039 Microswitch Op Pre Set Valve TP0039 Microswitch Op Pre Set Valve 03/01/2005  
TP0040 Sampling Vent & Drain Valve TP0040 Sampling Vent & Drain Valve 11/01/2000  
TP0042 1.5-inch Ind Couplings TP0042 1.5-inch Ind Couplings 07/01/2000  
TP0043 2.5-inch Ind Couplings TP0043 2.5-inch Ind Couplings 07/01/2004  
TP0044 3-inch Ind Couplings TP0044 3-inch Ind Couplings 07/01/2004  
TP0047 HU4000M2 TP0047 HU4000M2 06/01/2004  
TP0047 HU4000M2- Coding Sheet TP0047 HU4000M2- Coding Sheet 06/01/2004  
TP0048 4-inch Ind Couplings TP0048 4-inch Ind Couplings 07/01/2004  
TP0053 Pit Coupler Trolley TP0053 Pit Coupler Trolley  

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Key customers

We are one of the largest providers of ground fuelling products and services for commercial and military aircraft and tanker refuelling. Our refuelling equipment is used in the world’s largest commercial airports, as well as, small community facilities.

At Meggitt, we can provide you with refuelling components that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.