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Cables and Clamps for Extreme Environments

Our high performance cabling systems can be found on almost every extreme environment platform - from aircraft and missiles to spacecraft, ships and submarines. They provide uninterrupted signal transmission with high system accuracy and reliability.

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Our electrical cables are designed to meet your toughest requirements. Enquire Now.

Ideal for high-performance radio frequency and microwave high-temperature cabling systems.

Uniquely engineered and hermetically sealed, our welded construction and mineral-insulated dielectric have made us the primary cable of choice.

Our cables last about 40 years and have a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) greater than one million hours. Compared to traditional organic cables, there is no deterioration even in extreme environments and they hardly ever need replacing.

Silicon dioxide insulation provides unparalleled phase and attenuation stability over a wide temperature range, providing high system accuracy and reliability in all mission critical situations.

Equally impressive, our cables are also incredibly flexible, with the hand-formed radius down to just 3X cable diameter, and even tighter when assembled in factory.

Key customers

Our cables are field-proven in a wide variety of extreme environments:

  • RF and microwave cables used on every GPS satellite
  • reliably transmit communication and radar signals for military aircraft such as F-22, F-15, U2 and B2
  • critical safety margins for complex systems such as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and Trident missiles

If you need a cable or connector, please visit our specialist site: meggittsafety.com.