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Health Care

We are very proud to be playing our part in some of the latest advances in medical treatment. Our technologies are used in products that are helping to tackle important healthcare challenges.

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Our work in this field has its roots in the tiny piezoceramic components made at our specialist facility in Denmark. These go inside transducer devices used in ultrasound technology in multiple industries and multiple applications.


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For years, these components have been used in diagnostic devices, for example, scanners for pregnancy monitoring. In more recent times, with the development of therapeutic ultrasound known as high intensity focused ultrasound (or HIFU), the technology has been put to increasingly sophisticated uses in the medical field.

HIFU has many applications. For example, avoiding the need for complex surgery, it has been used in the treatment of essential tremor, the treatment of glaucoma and also for cancer with the focused application of heat to a tumour, typically in the brain, liver or kidney where it is difficult to operate. It is also used on cosmetic skin treatments and fat busting.