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Multi-million dollar Irkut MC-21 fire protection award

Meggitt wins multi-million dollar contract for Irkut MC-21 fire protection

Meggitt wins multi-million dollar contract for Irkut MC-21 fire protection

Meggitt PLC (“Meggitt” ), a leading international company specialising in high performance components and sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and energy markets, is pleased to announce that Meggitt Safety Systems (MSSI) has been selected by Abris JSC to provide fire protection equipment for the Irkut MC-21 aircraft programme. Under the $50m contract, MSSI will be responsible for aircraft engine and APU fire detection and suppression and cargo smoke detection and fire suppression over the life of the programme.

The MC-21 engine and APU fire detection and suppression system will utilise MSSI’s extremely reliable pneumatic fire detection and fire suppression equipment.

The cargo smoke detection system technology discriminates between nuisance particles such as dust and pollen and those of smoke, thus reducing the risk of false alarms. The MC-21 cargo suppression system will deploy an initial high rate discharge, followed by metered discharges that keep agent concentration levels topped up and any fire subdued, extending the opportunity for the operator to land the aircraft safely.

The Irkut MC-21 aircraft is a family of twin-engine, short-range and mid-range Russian jet airliners with a capacity of 150 to 212 passengers being developed and to be produced by Irkut and Yakovlev Design Bureau of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) group. The aircraft is due to enter service in 2017.

ABRIS JSC, located in St Petersburg, is a leading Russian developer and producer of modern onboard devices for aviation engine monitoring and diagnostics.


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