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Home/News/Meggitt awarded contract for complete braking system for the Gulfstream G700 aircraft

Meggitt awarded contract for complete braking system for the Gulfstream G700 aircraft

Meggitt PLC, a leading international company specialising in high performance components and subsystems for the aerospace, defence and selected energy markets, has been selected by Gulfstream to supply the braking system for the new Gulfstream G700 business jet. The contract includes the main and nose wheels; carbon brakes; brake control system; brake temperature monitoring system and full autobrake capability via touchscreen controls.

The autobrake feature includes automatic controlled nose gear de-rotation that improves braking by initiating it earlier in the landing phase. The braking system maintains proven performance and reliability, as on the G650/ER, with enhancements to meet the additional requirements of the Gulfstream G700 aircraft.

In addition to the complete braking system, Meggitt also supplies a range of additional content, including: HD cameras; security; batteries; battery chargers; fire protection; valves (anti-ice, fuel crossover and ground shutoff valves); seals (pylon, pylon-fire and flight control).

The G700 will be capable of flying 7,500 nm at Mach 0.85. The G700 has the largest cabin in business aviation, configurable for up to allow five separate living spaces.

Chris Allen, President of Meggitt’s Airframe Systems division, said: “This award recognises the longstanding partnership between Meggitt and Gulfstream, leveraging our expertise and innovation across a broad range of products, including ATA-32 control, system design and integration. We are delighted to continue as a partner of choice for Gulfstream and to be bringing Meggitt innovation to the G700 aircraft.”

Meggitt is the sole supplier of braking systems for Gulfstream’s entire in-service fleet and line of production aircraft.



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Group Communications Director
Meggitt PLC
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