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Shareholder centre

This section provides information on Meggitt’s Registrars, AGM, dividends, key advisors and a list of frequently asked questions.

The Company’s 2021 AGM will be held as a hybrid meeting at the offices of the Company at Pilot Way, Ansty Business Park, Coventry, CV7 9JU and electronically via live broadcast on 29 April 2021 at 11:00am.

The UK Government announced the roadmap to easing lockdown restrictions in England on 22 February 2021 and the current prohibition on non-essential travel and public gatherings will remain in place until after the date of the Annual General Meeting. Regrettably therefore, the physical meeting element of this year’s Annual General Meeting will be a closed meeting and it will not be possible for shareholders to attend in person. Only a small number of Directors and the Company Secretary will attend the Annual General Meeting in person in order to conduct the business of the meeting.

Whether you intend to participate electronically or not, you are strongly encouraged to appoint the Chairman of the meeting as your proxy to ensure your votes are cast in accordance with your wishes. The Board will keep the lockdown restrictions under review and may make further changes to allow shareholder attendance if the UK Government’s guidance permits this at the time of the Annual General Meeting (any changes will be announced via RNS and on this website).

How to access the meeting
You can participate in the Annual General Meeting by accessing the following website: https://web.lumiagm.com.

This can be accessed online using most well-known internet browsers such as Internet Explorer (not compatible with versions 10 and below), Chrome, Firefox and Safari on a PC, laptop or internet-enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone.

On accessing the meeting website, you will be asked to enter the Meeting ID below.

Meeting ID: 195-408-688

You will then be prompted to enter your unique shareholder reference number (SRN) and PIN. These can be found printed on your proxy form. If you are unable to access your SRN or PIN please contact the Company’s registrar, Computershare by calling the shareholder helpline on: +44 (0)370 703 6210* or emailing steven.anderson@computershare.co.uk

Duly appointed proxies and corporate representatives should contact Computershare before 5.30pm on 27 April 2021, to receive a unique username and PIN to access the Lumi AGM website. E-mail a scanned copy of your letter of representation and shareholder reference number to corporate-representatives@computershare.co.uk

Please note that an active internet connection is required in order to successfully cast your vote, submit questions and view the broadcast. It is your responsibility to ensure connectivity for the duration of the meeting

In accordance with best practice and the Company’s Articles of Association, a poll will be taken on each resolution put to the meeting. The results of the poll will be announced as soon as practicable following the meeting.

* Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays).

Notice of 2021 AGM

Section 311A statement

Form of proxy

Online voting

Previous voting results

Result of 2020 AGM

Shareholder Q&A

Notice of 2020 AGM

Section 311A statement

AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
AGM results
EGM results
AGM results

Information for shareholders – changing the way we pay our dividends

For dividend payments after October 2021, we are simplifying the way we pay dividends to shareholders by only paying cash dividends directly into a nominated bank account. This means Meggitt PLC will no longer be issuing dividend cheques after October 2021.

If you currently receive your dividend payments by cheque, or if you are a participant in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“the Plan”), you need to take the required action now.

For any dividend payable after October 2021, if your payment instructions are not received by 15 working days before the dividend payment date, Meggitt PLC may not be able to make the dividend payment to you on the designated payment date. A fee may be payable for any consolidated replacement dividend cheque issued to you in respect of any current outstanding dividends. If you have not received a letter or mandate form similar to those below, please contact Computershare.

For assistance, please contact Computershare on 0370 703 6210 where one of their customer service representatives will be pleased to assist you. For more information, please see the FAQ document below.

Meggitt UK Letter

Meggitt Overseas Letter

Payment mandate form

Meggitt FAQs for changes to dividend payments

The Meggitt PLC share dividend plan was closed in November 2014. All shareholders are offered the opportunity to subscribe for the dividend reinvestment plan (“DRIP”).

To subscribe to this plan, please go to www-uk.computershare.com/investor and click on the section “Dividend Reinvestment Plans” to find details on how to join, and to download copies of DRIP terms and conditions and mandate form, if required. Alternatively, please phone the Computershare shareholder helpline on +44 (0) 370 703 6210.

The below documents are the share dividend plan circulars used under our old share dividend plan, for the period to the closure of that plan in November 2014, for reference:

Title PDF
August 2014
Scrip dividend circular
March 2014
Scrip dividend circular
August 2013
Scrip dividend circular
March 2013
Scrip dividend circular
August 2012
Scrip dividend circular
March 2012
Scrip dividend circular
August 2011
Scrip dividend circular
March 2011
Scrip dividend circular
August 2010
Scrip dividend circular
March 2010
Scrip dividend circular
August 2009
Scrip dividend circular
March 2009
Scrip dividend circular

Meggitt PLC’s registrar is Computershare Investor Services PLC.

Please contact its Meggitt team by telephone or online for enquiries about:

  • Change of address notification
  • Lost share certificates
  • Dividend payment enquiries
  • Dividend mandate instructions1
  • Amalgamation of shareholdings2

1Shareholders may have their dividends paid directly into their bank or building society accounts by completing a dividend mandate form. Dividend confirmations are sent directly to shareholders’ registered addresses. From April 2016, dividend tax vouchers will be replaced by dividend confirmations in line with changes to dividend tax credits announced as part of the UK Government Budget in July 2015.

2Shareholders who receive more than one copy of the annual report are invited to amalgamate their accounts on the share register.

Contact information

Computershare Investor Services PLC
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6ZZ
T: +44 (0) 370 703 6210


Worried about shareholder fraud?

Please read the Financial Conduct Authority advice

Shareholders can use Computershare Investor Services PLC to trade Meggitt PLC ordinary shares on the London Stock Exchange.

Please note:

  • Commission is 1%, subject to a minimum charge of £30 (internet)
  • Commission is 1% of the value of the transaction plus £35 (telephone)
  • Stamp duty, currently 0.5%, is payable on purchases
  • There is no need to open an account to deal
  • Real-time dealing is available during market hours
  • There is a facility to place orders outside market hours (internet only)
  • Up to 90-day limit orders are available for sales
  • Shareholder Reference Number required to access the service

This is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold shares in Meggitt PLC. Shareholders who are unsure of what action to take should obtain independent financial advice. Share values may go down as well as up which may result in shareholders receiving less than they originally invested.

Insofar as this statement constitutes a financial promotion for the share dealing service provided by Computershare Investor Services PLC, it has been approved by Computershare Investor Services PLC for the purpose of The Financial Services Act 2012 (The Act 2012). Computershare Investor Services PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Where this statement has been received in a country where providing such a service would be contrary to local laws or regulations, this should be treated as information only.

Contact information

Computershare share dealing service

0800 – 1630 hrs,
Monday – Friday


T: +44 (0) 370 703 6210

ShareGift, the independent share donation charity, is especially useful for those who want to dispose of a small number of shares which are uneconomic to sell on their own.

Shares which have been donated to ShareGift are aggregated and sold when practicable, with the proceeds passed on to a wide range of UK registered charities.

Contact information


PO Box 72253

T: +44 (0) 20 7930 3737

Georgeson has been appointed to reunite shareholders of Meggitt PLC with their unclaimed dividends and to ensure that their details are correct on the share register.

Georgeson are contacting shareholders to confirm their address and ensure that they are the correct beneficiary to enable payment to be reissued. We will then arrange for the share register to be updated with the correct address details so that future payments will be received. We also provide a share dealing service if a request is made for the sale of shares.

For further information, please visit the Georgeson website or use the contact details on the correspondence you have received.

Download information about our Analysis of Shareholders (PDF)

Download information about our Key Advisors (PDF).