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Hydropower supplying over 70% of renewable energy

However, with a growing hunger for this type of power comes an increasing desire for performance, efficiency, and output. So, how can you ensure optimum productivity from your machinery and plant operations? Well, as the old saying goes ‘€˜you can’t manage what you can’€™t measure’€™.

Thankfully then, the endless developments in technology mean you can now review, analyse, and act upon a wealth of information about all of your assets in real-time.

Industry-leading sensors and condition monitoring technology opens a window on the inner workings of hydropower plants, enabling you to identify malfunctions early on and optimiseoperational efficiency. Without these tools, minor faults can remain unseen and escalate to a major failure, requiring unscheduled, lengthy and expensive repairs. So, before the anxiety of regulatory fines, unsafe practices, and dissatisfied customers creeps into your already busy schedule, read our ebook to see how technology and digitisation can revolutionise your hydropower facility.

Ebook: Optimising hydropower plant maintenance with digital technology

Did you know?

Meggitt equipment is used on the tallest hydro power plant in the world.

Our sensing and monitoring systems protect the huge hydro turbines at the centre of the Bieudron/Nendaz hydroelectric power station that lies downstream of the Grande Dixence dam. Bieudron is Switzerland’€™s most powerful hydroelectric power plant. Within just a few minutes it can feed the equivalent output of a nuclear power station into the grid! It also holds three world records including having the world’s tallest turbine head at 1883m (6130 ft).


* source:  International Hydropower Association report

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