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Replacing ozone-depleting Halon gas

Sometimes the very things that protect you can be the most harmful; Halon 1301 is the prime suspect in the case of fire protection versus the environment.

Used as a fire extinguishing agent, halon gas has saved countless lives and extensive assets over many decades, but it is also guilty of contributing to ozone depletion. Passenger safety is the number one priority, but we also have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.  Our team of Fire & Safety experts, based in Ventura County, have been working closely with the major OEMs to develop a solution that both saves and preserves life for future generations. Our green suppression solution, VERDAGENT™, uses a clean agent to extinguish fire.

Unlike other green solutions, it does not leave corrosive residues after application, performs at low temperatures and, most importantly, has negligible impact on critical ozone levels. What’s more, the solution can be delivered using existing ancillary equipment, such as cylinders and bottles, making it an easy switching option for operators worldwide.

Ensuring that a suppressing agent operates at extreme temperatures is not an easy task and it became one of the most complex issues for Ian Campbell and his Fire & Safety AR&T team to overcome. Fire retardants need to operate at a sub-zero range of minus 60-65°F, this was achieved by adding carbon dioxide to the 2-BTP agent. Testing the effectiveness of the agent was equally challenging, lighting fires inside a technology centre of excellence is not normally encouraged. As a result the team constructed a fire-proof engine simulator that allowed them to test the agent in real-life scenarios in ambient and freezing conditions.

Our green suppression agent is primarily designed to extinguish liquid fuelled fires (both jet fuel and hydraulic) found in gas turbine engines, but is equally suitable for common combustibles, electrical fires and cargo compartment incidents.

Efficiency and sustainability are driving our technology strategy, ensuring that we help our customers deliver solutions that not only save lives but help save the planet.

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