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Extraordinary opportunities

Alongside our other extraordinary colleagues, our graduates, apprentices and interns help us to keep the world flying; keep those who put their lives at risk safer and ensure that the lights stay on for millions of people worldwide. Our sector has truly exciting opportunities for those entering the workforce today, and at Meggitt we have a variety of outstanding programmes for those looking to take the first step into their future career, or for those looking to change their career direction.


Our Programmes:

Our Early Career Programmes are designed to create future leaders, engineers and technicians and to ensure we are growing the skills we require for the future. Everyone can make a difference at Meggitt, and our global sites offer many opportunities for career progression, equipping our colleagues with the skills they need to be successful, as well as protecting the environment by embracing sustainable technologies and operations.

Our Apprenticeships offer a range of opportunities for individuals to learn while they earn, whether they are school leavers or career changers. These range from hands-on manufacturing roles through to a variety of office based roles and all are designed to equip individuals with transferrable and specialist skills to enhance their career options. All of our Apprenticeship programmes offer high quality training via carefully selected training providers, along with on-the-job training to prepare individuals for a successful future within the company.



“The fact that Meggitt is a very large international company means there are possibilities to change roles and quickly progress. Meggitt offers a huge variety of technology, equipment and excellent training to enhance your skills, giving you lots of opportunities to shape your own career”, Josie second year apprentice.





Our Global Graduate Programme offers graduates with an Engineering, Supply Chain or Operational background a range of experiences in both technical and non-technical roles, as well as the opportunity to work abroad for at least 9 months. This, underpinned by 2 mentors, training and a structured professional development programme allows our graduates to develop quickly and to tailor their experience to align to their long term career aspirations.


“The Meggitt programme is really unique. I believe it is essential that in the early stages of your career you get exposure to the operations and shopfloor environment and gain a complete understanding of product design and manufacture at every stage of product lifecycle. Each stage requires a different approach and skillset. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from the very best and get real exposure to very top level projects. The quality of training is incredible.” Spyros, first year graduate programme.





What’s really unique about our Early Careers programmes is the level of support from within the business and the development opportunities this provides. Our apprentices and graduates conduct real jobs adding front line value to our business and customers; they are encouraged to share ideas for improvements; and they have the opportunity to meet members of the Executive Committee and Board to discuss their experiences and to share ideas. Our senior leadership team is passionate about our programmes as they understand first-hand the impact they can have – many began their careers on similar programmes, including our Chief Executive who started his career as an undergraduate apprentice as part of his own career progression.

“As a graduate you become part of a community of fellow grads past and present, meaning you have an instant support network. This peer level mentoring is invaluable, living together you learn from your own experiences and gain from your friends experiences as well.” Katie, final year graduate.

Why are Early Careers Programmes Important?

The value our early career population brings is just one of the reasons that Meggitt acted decisively to ringfence and maintain all early careers roles during the pandemic in contrast to the Q1 2020/21 academic year data which reports that apprenticeship starts dropped by almost 28% in England in comparison to the previous year (.gov.uk), and graduate roles dropped by 12% (ISE). This demonstrates the damaging effect the pandemic has had on career opportunities for young people and particularly those in areas of low social mobility.

This is why we’re so committed to providing career opportunities for those early in their careers – it really can transform lives. In 2021, we anticipate recruiting our highest number of apprentices to date, with opportunities across operations, and our corporate functions including human resources and information technology.  Our early career programmes are a vital part of our succession and talent planning pipeline to ensure we have the right skills for the future, particularly in areas where there are sector skills gaps. Many of our graduates and apprentices have remained within Meggitt for many years, now spanning roles as expert technicians, engineers and leaders across a variety of divisions and locations.

With innovation at the heart of what we do, recruiting and developing the next generation of talent is a key part of our journey to operational excellence to ensure we achieve our goal to provide the best technology, products and service to our Customers worldwide.



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