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Louis Chavez

Can everybody be the best at what they do?

Louis Chavez

Our customers want fewer, higher performance suppliers. To hit their ever more stringent quality and delivery standards, every one of us needs to continuously improve their game. The Meggitt Production System (MPS) is our solution.

Louis Chavez, Leader, Operational Excellence, talks about what he’s learned and what happens when you turn a business on its head.

“When I was an engineer at Honeywell in the ‘90s, I had no awareness of how the things I was doing, or not doing, had an impact on the factory. We’d design something for a Boeing or a Lockheed, help get it operational in the engineering lab and on to a few test planes. But then we’d move straight on to the next thing. It was only when I became general manager of Honeywell’s military avionics division, that I could see the whole picture.

Being able to produce the best technology in the world doesn’t much matter if you can’t manufacture it to the required quality, get it to the customer on time, and then do that day after day. That means you have to make sure that everyone from sales to shipping is aiming at the same thing, and that’s exactly what MPS does.”

On a typical day Louis will be on site, listening to employees, learning about their jobs and what could make them more efficient. New ideas of any magnitude excite the “Lean Master”. He questions and discusses improvement concepts in great detail to bring out the best in an idea.

MPS provides a great framework for people to innovate. There are lots of examples where people have flexed within the framework to develop the best application for the business. And these aren’t top down initiatives – look at Meggitt Archamps’ DLAs (Daily Layered Accountability: a series of interlocking meetings held at the start of each day which flow accurate performance and operational information up and down each of our businesses). This site has introduced an HPC (High Performance Culture) section within their DLA meetings to remind, discuss and apply HPC concepts. It was energising to see that Meggitt, through MPS, provides an empowering environment where employees feel encouraged to innovate and be creative.

No wonder we introduce MPS to our greatly talented Graduates on their induction into Meggitt. We want them to feel the power of MPS – but more importantly we want them to realise the power that MPS gives them – the power to question and  hold each other accountable. It empowers them and all Meggitt employees to continuously innovate and continuously improve. That’s how we keep doing what we do better—through  small improvements to big ideas—we continuously improve.

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