Making a Difference

Innovation is in our DNA, and our graduates are key to helping us challenge our thinking in order to develop new solutions in support of our customers goals of efficiency and sustainability. Click on the links below to explore some of our latest technologies.

Jenna discusses how the design freedom offered by Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) enables us to rethink heat exchanger design. We’re able to develop novel heat exchanger geometries that will be smaller and lighter than conventional heat exchangers. ALM machines are continuously improving, becoming faster and more precise, meaning that it is becoming more and more feasible to use ALM in a production environment.

Francesca talks about our innovative integrated secondary flight displays. The best solution for stand-by flight information, altitude and airspeed. They replace up to three electro-mechanical cockpit stand-by instruments with a single 3ATI display unit.

Jenna introduces our ground-breaking heat exchanger technologies. The aviation industry is making enormous efforts to reduce carbon levels. This will be achieved through a combination of new technology, improvements in operational efficiency and the use of sustainable biofuels. We are increasingly recognised by our customers as a global leader for the design of next generation gas turbine aero engine thermal systems.

DJ explains our pioneering fuel measuring technology. Our Time domain reflectometry (TDR) sensors stream real time fuel data directly to the cockpit via digital buses. Electromagnetic waves gauge exactly how much fuel is on board at all times and detect any possible contaminants. The gauge can measure fluid level variations by timing the electromagnetic pulse reflections which propagate almost as fast as the speed of light, meaning we can determine the quantity of fuel in the tank to within 2.5mm and keep the pilot informed of how much fuel they have on board and the quality of it at all times.

Abhishek presents Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring. Our wireless monitoring solution makes checking tyre pressures as easy as answering a phone call. Properly inflated tires are key for safe, smooth operation on any aircraft. Our ground breaking technology allows you to read the tyre pressure of each wheel from a mobile device using our specially designed APP.