Jack Bewsey

Why Parker Meggitt?

As a graduate, I was drawn to Parker Meggitt for its diverse array of technologies and extensive involvement in the aerospace sector, which aligns with my areas of interest. From the outset, Parker Meggitt emphasised the significance of professional development for its graduate engineers, by providing a range of opportunities across various departments to develop technical and commercial competencies. I firmly believe that this breadth of experience is integral to shaping a career path for me that aligns with my passions and strengths.

What’s The Best Thing About The Programme?

The best part of the programme is the Parker Meggitt community. At any site in any country you always feel welcome, and you will never be far away from another Parker Meggitt graduate! There are so many opportunities to meet new people and learn about different technologies across a range of industries, which has grown even more now we have integrated into Parker.

My Placements

My first rotation was based in Fareham. Here I worked as a Manufacturing Engineer and was responsible for designing and managing the construction of the production cell for a ship-set of Boeing 737 MAX electro-mechanical cockpit indicators. I also supported the industrialisation of production processes, ensuring that manufacturing could be upscaled for rate production transfer to our facility in Vietnam.

My second rotation was based in Heatric, Poole. Here I worked as a Production Engineer in the Continuous Improvement team, and was responsible for developing a business case for in house machining capability, as well as for implementing improvement projects on the shop floor to drive operational cost savings and improve product quality. Achieving my Green Belt qualification on this rotation was particularly memorable.

My third rotation is currently based in the Sales team in Fribourg, Switzerland. Here I am developing tools and processes to allow for accurate forecasting and delivery of monthly sales figures, as well as predicting spare parts demand based on projected fleet volume data and historical parts consumption. I will also be supporting on business development activities including bids and competition assessment.

Most Memorable Moment to Date

My most memorable moments on the graduate scheme have been on the transition weeks we attend between our placements, where our whole cohort gets together for a week of training. Getting to meet my cohort who are based across the U.S and the UK is always a great experience, and offers valuable opportunities for networking and professional development.