Surinder - Apprentice - Then and Now

What date you joined Meggitt?

26th August 1997, it was Dunlop Aerospace back then.

What area of the business did you start in?

Started in the training school as we all had to do a year or so in there, but the first place I was put in was Hydraulic Assembly in Braking Systems.

What role are you doing now?

Senior Team Member and Electronics Production Engineer

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

It felt a better option at the time, I could earn, gain experience and knowledge on the job but still had the opportunity to go to college and then university as part of my apprenticeship and after.

What are the reasons you are still here?

It’s a great company to work for and the people are amazing and helpful, it feels like home here as I have never been anywhere else, I hear friends and family moaning about their jobs and workplaces and feel lucky that I work here.

What you love about apprenticeships or why someone should join the programme today?

If you want to learn on the job, and earn at the same time then this is for you, rather than go to college and university and then try to find a job but having no experience, this company has a vast amount of experience and good people here that want to help young people and apprentices, and hopefully with Parker taking over we are due to grow and have more opportunities.