Richard - Apprentice - Then and Now

What date you joined Meggitt?

September 1986

What area of the business did you start in?

Engineering Technician Apprentice at Dunlop Aviation Coventry.
Year 1: Machine shop & Drawing Office training – Dunlop Aviation Training Centre
Year 2: 6 Week Shop Floor & Office Placements
Year 3: 3 Month Office Placements
Year 4: 3 Month Office Placements & 6 Month Final Placement in Dunlop Aviation Stress Office

What role are you doing now?

Principal Engineering Analyst (Structural Analysis) – Thermal Management Engineering

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

The main attraction to start my career via the apprenticeship route was to “earn while you learn”, with the opportunity to back-up classroom learning with practical, hands-on experience. The apprenticeship allowed me to be independent – to continue in higher education without relying on funding from my parents or taking on student debt.

What are the reasons you are still here?

I enjoy my job! It is interesting, challenging, and I have not stopped learning. As we are a global company with global customers, I have had opportunities for international travel. I have represented the company on analysis projects in the USA, Canada, Germany, France & Holland. At Parker Meggitt, the global analysis team – and the customer analysts I work with are world class in their field. Working with this wealth of experience allows me to continuously improve my own skills.
Parker Meggitt is a great company to work for. The company support their employees with training and development throughout their careers. Following my apprenticeship qualification, the company sponsored me to complete a Mechanical Engineering degree, and later on supported me through the process to gain Chartered Engineer status. Along the way, I have completed many formal training courses to supplement my work experience.

What you love about apprenticeships or why someone should join the programme today?

The apprenticeship is a great way to start your career. You will work towards an industry recognised qualification whilst backing up your studies with on-the-job training. During the apprenticeship you will build relationships with colleagues across the business and gain product knowledge that will be invaluable in your future roles within the company.
An apprenticeship at Parker Meggitt will lead you into a role with many opportunities to further your career. As an ex-apprentice you will be well placed to progress and gain promotion within the company. You will have opportunities at Parker Meggitt for international work placements or re-location. You can choose to work towards management, specialise within a certain role, or diversify into different roles. The company will support you with training and development whichever is your preferred direction.