Matt - Apprentice - Then and Now

What date you joined Meggitt?

September 1996

What area of the business did you start in?

Supplies Module/Goods Inwards Inspection

What role are you doing now?

Braking Systems VP Operations, Akron, US.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

Failed football player at 16 – I wanted to start a working career but continue education, the apprenticeship seems a good option.

What are the reasons you are still here?

I enjoy what I do. Each role I’ve had at Dunlop or Meggitt, now Parker Meggitt has always been challenging but in my experience hard work and performing well provides new opportunities.

What you love about apprenticeships or why someone should join the programme today?

It’s a great way to continue your education and learning, while also starting a career at a company gaining valuable working experience.