Mark - Apprentice - Then and Now

What date you joined Meggitt?

I joined Meggitt (or Dunlop as it was then) on 31st August 1982.

What area of the business did you start in?

I was a technical apprentice for 4 years
1st Year in Dunlop Training School – 9 months in Machine Shop and 3 months in Drawing Office
2nd Year factory placements – Electrical Maintenance, Aero Assembly and Wheel Division maintenance
3rd & 4th year office placements – Stress Analysis, Standards, various Drawing Offices
When I finished my apprenticeship I worked in the Ice Protection Drawing Office (now moved to AS-Loughborough)

What role are you doing now?

I’m now Change Manager for our SAP systems worldwide.
I control all changes to our SAP ERP system, from their initial request, approvals through to moving the tested changes into production.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

I enjoyed Technical Drawing at school (on drawing boards, no CAD then) and the step into the working world was through apprenticeships to get into engineering design.

What are the reasons you are still here?

I’m still at Parker Meggitt because I’ve always found roles that I’ve enjoyed, progressing from engineering design into CAD support, General IT support, IT Infrastructure and now into Change Management.

What you love about apprenticeships or why someone should join the programme today?

Apprenticeships give you a great overall understanding of the industry, as well as the technical training and college work, I worked in shop floor areas, maintenance departments, offices, and design department’s throughout my apprenticeship, which helped me appreciate what happens all around factories. It gives you a really good insight into how everything comes together to produce our products and how you can best work with other people in all areas of the business.