Ben – Engineering Apprentice

My apprenticeship

As an Electronics Apprentice I worked with the team to assemble circuit boards to control different systems on an aircraft. This involves soldering and wiring all the components onto the board and learning about the different soldering standards to ensure all of Meggitt’s products are reliable and to a high standard. Once the boards have been assembled they then need to inspected and tested to ensure they are suitable for use and operate as intended. This includes hot/cold testing, vibration testing, and on-power testing. Boards also come in from other sections if they are in need of repair which is also done in electronics.

My responsibilities

In my Smart Scoping placement I worked alongside my team to implement Kaizen and other Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) to different MRO sections around the business. I worked on a variety of different projects around the company (which all follow the same process) to help improve the efficiency of different cells. Talking to the technicians within the cell and carrying out my own research is what helped give me the grounds for a good project. I then created a presentation detailing the basics of the project and the financial implications for the business. Assisted by members of the Smart Scoping team from countries around the world they would help decide whether to go ahead with the project or whether it needed reworking – due to financial or other constraints. The project would then go on to the next stage where I acquired funds by creating a Cost-Expenditure Report (CER) and Purchase Order and sending it to finance who would approve or decline it. Once it was approved the materials/equipment would be purchased and then just need to be implemented and monitored to track how the project has affected the cell.

My team

Everyone is really helpful; they’re always really friendly and more than happy to help you learn new skills. It is an enjoyable place to work.