Group Sponsorship and Charitable Giving


The purpose of this policy is to set out the principles which govern Group sponsorship of events and activities. The policy also sets out the principles applicable to charitable giving and sponsorship, both charitable and non-charitable. This policy applies to all Meggitt sites globally.


2.1 Group sponsorship

Meggitt will sponsor events and activities where there is a clear reputational advantage in promoting Meggitt either locally, regionally or nationally as a prospective employer. All sponsorship requests are subject to approval by the Group Communications Director or Group Company Secretary, although they should be funded from local budgets.

Meggitt will generally consider sponsoring events and activities run locally, regionally or nationally that promote Meggitt as an employer of choice.

Sponsorship of events and activities under this Policy does not include attendance at trade and air shows.

2.2 Charitable giving

Meggitt seeks to contribute to the communities in which our employees live and work. In addition to providing employment opportunities and minimising our environmental impact, we support a variety of local community initiatives and charitable organisations. Each Meggitt business is responsible for agreeing and administering its own budget for charitable giving.

We will consider funding the following charitable activities:

  1. Local charities and non-profit organisations that will enhance the well-being of people living in our community.
  2. Local and national charities and non-profit organisations that (i) operate for the benefit of the health and welfare of military/defence personnel; (ii) support education initiatives, scholarships and competitions in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects; or (iii) support diversity and inclusion-related objectives.
  3. Sponsorship of an employee for the benefit of charities and non-profit organisations which we would usually support under (a).

We will not consider funding or supporting initiatives involving employees or other people participating in dangerous or extreme activities such as bungee jumping or parachuting and political organisations and campaigns.

2.3 Responsibilities

2.3.1 Group Communications Director and Group Company Secretary

The Group Communications Director and Group Company Secretary are responsible for providing guidance and approval on Group Sponsorship matters.
The Group Company Secretary is responsible for providing guidance on charitable giving, and for communicating this Policy across the Group.

2.3.2 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for approving and implementing this Policy at a local level.

2.3.3 Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors has oversight of this Policy and its implementation.


This policy applies to all Meggitt sites.

Issue date : Jan 2020. Approved Dec 2019. Approved by: Executive Committee. Reference: CA-CR2_Group Sponsorship and Charitable Giving Policy_V3

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