Environmental Policy


The Board of Directors of Meggitt PLC recognises the important responsibility it has towards protecting the environment and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Meggitt PLC is committed to:

  • Incorporating environmental sustainability and responsibility in all aspects of our business by including greenhouse gas emissions, environmental protection, resource conservation, carbon footprint reduction and waste reduction in our strategic planning and business decisions;
  • The de-carbonisation of manufacturing processes as far as possible, by setting and tracking progress against clear environmental targets, including Net Zero targets;
  • meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental compliance obligations and conducting frequent external and internal reviews to assure audit readiness;
  • requiring all manufacturing facilities to achieve recognised certification of their environmental management systems and continuous improvement of those systems;
  • promoting environmental and sustainability stewardship amongst all employees and other stakeholders;
  • assessing the impact of our business activities on the environment by collecting, analysing and publishing key environmental performance metrics;
  • minimising or preventing, where practicable, any adverse impact on the local and global environment arising from the Group’s operations, (Scope 1 emissions);
  • minimising where practicable, impacts on the local and global environment through the procurement of energy (Scope 2 emissions);
  • working with our suppliers to minimise any adverse impact of their products and operations on the environment, (Scope 3 emissions); and
  • minimising or preventing, where practicable, any adverse impact on the local and global environment arising from the Group’s products and their lifecycle, (Scope 3 emissions)


The Board is responsible for implementation and performance of this policy. On a day-to-day basis, the Group Operations Director has functional responsibility on behalf of the Chief Executive, and the Division Presidents and Site General Managers are responsible for local implementation.

This policy and its implementation will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Board to ensure that it remains appropriate and relevant to the organisation. The Group is committed to providing the necessary support in order to ensure that all sites can fulfil the requirements outlined in this policy.

This policy will be communicated to everyone working for or on behalf of the Group.


Approved by the Board of Directors on 28 October 2021

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