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Charitable Giving and Charitable Sponsorship policy1

Meggitt seeks to contribute to the communities in which our employees live and work. In addition to providing employment opportunities and minimising our environmental impact, we support a variety of local community initiatives.

Each Meggitt business is responsible for agreeing and administering its own budget for charitable donations and sponsorships that have a positive impact on its local community or that support the sectors in which the business operates.

(1) We will consider funding

  1. Local charities and non-profit organisations that (i) will enhance the well-being of people living in our community; or (ii) operate for the benefit of the health and welfare of military/defence personnel; or (iii) support education initiatives;
  2. National charities and non-profit organisations that (i) operate for the benefit of the health and welfare of military/defence personnel; or (ii) support education initiatives, scholarships and competitions in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects; or (iii) encourage corporate social responsibility;
  3. Charities and non-profit organisations where there is a strong link with an employee; and
  4. Sponsorship of an employee for the benefit of charities and non-profit organisations which we would usually support under (a) or (b).

(2) We will not consider funding

  1. Sponsorship or initiatives involving employees or other people participating in dangerous or extreme activities such as bungee jumping or parachuting; and
  2. Political organisations and campaigns.

Approved by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors on 9 August 2016.

1 For the purposes of this policy, ‘charitable giving and sponsorship’ excludes (i) sponsorship of activities, events and organisations that distribute profit or are solely for commercial/marketing gain; and (ii) subscriptions to trade associations and sponsorship of trade association events/activities.