Our Technology

Technologies for the next generation

Our Applied Research & Technology (AR&T) programmes are developing next generation product and manufacturing technologies. Working with our customers, partners, research institutes and our global colleagues we achieve world class results.

As a global company we undertake AR&T aligned with national strategies which enable cross-industry collaboration and support. For example, we recently received a £3.7m award from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to support research into advanced thermal systems for ultra-high bypass ratio engines.

Development: through to the certified systems you need

Aerospace is one of the most technically demanding industries and an industry constantly demanding more efficient solutions to meet our travel and environmental needs. Our research includes:

  • new technologies
  • how to make products
  • how to manage and maintain products in service
  • how to predict product life
  • developing a digital twin so a product’s digital clone can be checked throughout its life

Good technology is more than a bright idea, is a complete product and its lifecycle.

New technologies – bringing Digital Manufacturing to aerospace

How we make a product is just as important as what we make and we must be able to make it perfectly for 30-50 years.

Our factories need to build multiple variants of different products in different volumes. We are embracing digital manufacturing to design, plan work, learn and continuously improve. For instance, the digital assembly workbench works with our operators to let them use their skills to make our products and automates the burden of record keeping, part holding, part selection and process tracking.

We call our digital manufacturing strategy M4 – Meggitt Modular Modifiable Manufacturing. It is leading the revolution and turning traditional factory layout and flow on its head with a ground-breaking combination of present and future technology.

Read more about M4

Key Technologies for Meggitt

Some of our key focus areas are:

Exploiting the rapid advances in digital technologies like machine vision, simulation, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), optimisation and analytics to enable continuous improvement in our manufacturing.

Freed from traditional manufacturing by 3D printing, our engineers have been exploring how radical new shapes and structures can solve extreme environment challenges more efficiently than ever.

Our latest SMART Support aftermarket care package is designed to give our customers aftermarket support using our product knowledge, service data, usage patterns and data analytics.

As aircraft become more electric more hydraulic and pneumatic systems become electrically driven. Meggitt has a range of technologies in batteries, power management, sensing, control, actuation and machines. View our range of power electronics

On the front line of green fire extinguishing agent development. As the industry moves away from Halon, we continue to pioneer new solutions. Our aim is to drive the future of aerospace fire suppression.

A pioneer in sensing and monitoring. Our breakthrough technologies have been setting the standards in aerospace for decades. The latest advances in optical sensing use speciality fibre optics which can be attached or embedded into our products to form multiple sensors.  The optics are light weight, robust and passive – ideal for challenging environments.

From the first brake-by-wire system to the first electrical braking system on a commercial aircraft, Meggitt has been the technology leader. We continue to research new wheel and braking system technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront.

Complex composite structures with embedded technologies. These solutions depend on our smart materials technology and manufacturing processes. View our advanced composites here


Advances in thermal management technology are a key enabler of unlocking the step change performance improvements required to justify a new generation of aerospace engines.