Operational Excellence - Meggitt Production System (MPS)

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The Meggitt Production System (MPS) is our global approach to embedding Lean tools and High Performance Culture (HPC) across all our facilities. It is critical to our strategic priority of increasing competitiveness.

Launched in 2013, MPS drives innovation in operational excellence, technology development, sales pipeline, functional excellence and customer experience, leveraging our combined strength through a standardised language and deployment approach. It is designed to progressively improve all company systems through an overarching and integrated approach. Ultimately, it improves our ability to win new business and become the supplier of choice.

The success of MPS is dependent on our people and our culture; Lean tools and systems are only 30% of the equation.

Delivering customer ‘Gold’

MPS is a journey. As a facility moves through the six stages from Red to Gold, MPS transforms to become an enterprise operating system for the entire business. This is NOT about checking the box; it’s about building capability, maturity and sustainability along this three to five year journey towards Gold. Along the journey, MPS allows us to accelerate and enable growth through:

  • Increased employee engagement and innovation
  • Cross divisional synergies that optimise every opportunity
  • Creation of a common approach / language
  • Systemic approach towards excellence
  • Delivering results at higher rates (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Productivity)

We are aiming for MPS Gold all the time but it is a learning journey with no shortcuts.

MPS structure

MPS is categorised into 3 basic elements:
People Systems: How we develop our talent and our organisation.
This is 70% of MPS. Everyone is involved and can share their ideas. Read more in the profile of Jo Richoux and Liz Murphy, Listening to the Women in White coats.

Work Systems: How everyone does their job.
Daily objectives are clear and visual so that everyone in the organisation can respond to abnormalities and bring non-standard conditions back to their normal state rapidly.

Improvement Systems: How we improve what we do every day.
We want our entire workforce to be continually improving Meggitt, from small improvements to big ideas. Sharing best practice to replicate success.

MPS is scalable, flexible and targetable. Functions and Meggitt businesses can and will adapt MPS to meet their own needs. (Louis Chavez, Leader, Operational Excellence)

The future of MPS

Listening and learning all the time
Some facilities have already achieved Bronze and Silver level. These are being used to benchmark our business performance.

We continually listen and learn from employee feedback – using voice of the customer (VOC) from all sites, metric trends and results. The MPS model has evolved since it’s introduction. Initially, the approach was to implement a global operating system for the organisation. Now this is complete and the organisation is ready for standards. The model has been simplified and standardised to a “modular” approach. It is easier than ever to support and allows faster best practice application. MPS deployment is shifting from thousands of pieces to 50 standard modules – we call it the Boosted MPS model.


The Meggitt Production System has been one of our great success stories, improving quality, on-time delivery, safety and even communication. Read some real-life examples in our employee profiles.