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Board of Directors

Meggitt Board Committees

Membership: The independent non-executive directors

Colin Day (Committee Chair), Guy Berruyer, Nancy Gioia, Alison Goligher, Guy Hachey, Caroline Silver

Role: Monitors the integrity of the Group’s financial statements, the effectiveness of the external and internal auditors, risk and internal control processes, tax and treasury.

Terms of Reference

Membership: Two independent non-executive director and the executive directors

Nancy Gioia (Committee Chair), Tony Wood, Louisa Burdett, Guy Berruyer

Role: The Corporate Responsibility Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Board complies with requirements under the UK Corporate Governance Code and UK Companies Acts on stakeholder engagement, including but not limited to employees. It oversees the implementation of the Group’s strategy and programmes in the areas of corporate responsibility, charity and community, ethics and business conduct (including anti-corruption) and environment.

Terms of Reference

Membership: The executive directors, Company Secretary, and Vice President, Strategy & Investor Relations

Tony Wood (Committee Chair), Louisa Burdett, Marina Thomas, Mat Wootton.

Role: Discusses and approves all matters related to inside information under the market abuse regime.

Terms of Reference

Membership: The executive directors

Tony Wood (Committee Chair), Louisa Burdett.

Role: Approves treasury-related activity, insurance and other matters delegated by the Board.

Terms of Reference

Membership: Chairman and the independent non-executive directors

Sir Nigel Rudd (Committee Chair), Guy Berruyer, Colin Day, Nancy Gioia, Alison Goligher, Guy Hachey, Caroline Silver

Role: Ensures the Board and senior management team have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to operate effectively and to deliver the Group’s strategy.

Terms of Reference

Membership: The independent non-executive directors

Alison Goligher (Committee Chair), Guy Berruyer, Colin Day, Nancy Gioia, Guy Hachey, Caroline Silver

Role: Determines the reward strategy for the executive directors and senior management, to align their interests with those of the shareholders.

Terms of Reference